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Moral Stories for Kids in English

Moral stories for kids in English, can be an important part of their early education.Find a collection of Moral stories for kids in English online. Moral short stories, small English stories.Free download or read online 100 moral stories children english pdf book.

Moral stories for kids in English - Book Collection 

1.Moral Stories Hardcover – 2012

2.The Best of Moral Stories Paperback – Oct 2011

The Best of Moral Stories, by Mrs Rungeen Singh consists of moral stories meant to develop morality and ethics in young readers. The morals given at the end of every story inculcate in the young readers groovy moral values, which help a person rise to horizon of success and be a favourite of all. The stories has been narrated in very interesting and reader-friendly way with pictures wherever necessary.

3.Moral Stories: Lessons for Life Hardcover – 2012

4.A Monkey & A Crocodile and Other stories - Book 1 (Favourite Moral Stories) Paperback – 31 Dec 1899

It has been widely researched and found that rather than speaking about something, a child picks up faster when the same thing is portrayed or depicted in an audio visual manner in front of the child. Thus, the elders need to be cautious and careful regarding what is being said and portrayed in front of the child in his growing years since that would remain with the child for his entire life term.
This book, A Monkey & A Crocodile And Other stories - Book 1 (Favorite Moral Stories), helps to develop the child's understanding about the moral values and ethical teachings in an interesting format of short stories. Children, in general, get attracted towards animals, and thus fables and other such short stories usually revolve around the animal characters which intend to leave a deep message for the children. A Monkey & A Crocodile And Other stories - Book 1 (Favorite Moral Stories) is available in the paperback format and has been published in English by Dreamland Publications .
Key Features:
  • The book presents the moral values in a colorful presentation so that the interest levels of the child could be maintained.
  • The book includes stories regarding animals commonly known and taught to the children and thus, they can relate to the stories and the teachings

5.Moral Stories (Large Print Story Books) Paperback – 22 Aug 2011

6.Moral Stories -(3D Books) Paperback – Abridged, 2012

Do you believe in magical books? Do you wish your favorite characters come to life? Your dream is now a reality. Surprise yourself with our amazing 3D book series. Turn over the pages and watch Aladdin, Alibaba, Snow White and others come to life. Put on the special 3D glasses, like you do in 3D movies and watch your favorite characters peep out of the book as you flip over the pages. The 3D book series is a clever creation to allure your senses and establish a visually stunning world where both young and adults can rediscover the magic of classic tales and be enchanted.

7.Kids:Whats Book - 3: Kids book,Moral stories,Bedtime Stories,Children's Books, Early Reader [Kindle Edition]

8.Moral Stories-VI Paperback – 2010

9.The Hare and the Tortoise: And Other Stories Book 3 (Favourite Moral Stories) Paperback – 2014

The Hare and The Tortoise is a moral story that has been handed down from generation to generation. This short story presented with beautiful colourful images is a delight to read that tells slow and steady wins the race.

10.The Lion and the Hare and Other Stories Book-2 (Favourite Moral Stories) Paperback – 2014

The Lion And The Hare And Other Stories Book-2 (Favourite Moral Stories) is a book of stories with morals. The main goal of each of these stories is to impart moral education to young children. The Lion and the hare is one of the most popular stories from the Panchatantra. The Panchatantra is a collection of interwoven tales in poetry and prose, consisting of animal fables. It was written in Pali and Sanskrit. The credit for the compilation of these fables is given to Pandit Vishnu Sharma. It is widely considered to have been compiled around the 3rd century BC and is said to be based on the stories of an older civilisation. The Panchatantra remains one of the most popular works of literature, especially as a means to impart moral education.

The Lion And The Hare And Other Stories Book-2 (Favourite Moral Stories) is a compilation of some of the fables of the Panchatantra. The fable the Lion And The Hare is about a lion that was fed up of hunting for his prey, so he passes an order which stated that every day one animal had to come to the lion on their own, as his prey. One day it was the turn of the hare, as he was going towards the lion's den he came across an old well. Seeing the well the hare makes a plan to trick the lion. The hare successfully tricks the lion and saves his own life. The moral of the fable The Lion And The Hare is that wisdom wins over might.

The Lion And The Hare And Other Stories Book-2 (Favourite Moral Stories) is written in very simple English. These stories are meant for children who are 6 to 8 years of age. The book was published by Dreamland Publications and is available in English. It is available in paperback.

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